The ST Yau Center was founded on April 1, 2012 on behalf of Shing Tung Yau, Professor of Mathematics at Harvard and awards winner for the Fields Medal (1982), the Crafoord Prize (1994), the National Medal of Science, U.S.A. (1997), and the Wolf Prize (2010). He acts as the Director, providing guidelines and directions for the ST Yau Center.
      The ST Yau Center is committed to honor Professor’s Yau’s contribution in Mathematics and Physics in order to promote the development of mathematics, science, technology, education, and culture.
      The ST Yau Center has around 20 affiliated faculty members drawn from the Departments of Applied Mathematics, the Institute of Statistics, the Electrophysics Department, the Computer Science Department, and the Institute of Photonics. Currently, Song-sun Lin, Lifetime National Chair Professor is the Executive Officer for the ST Yau Center. There are 10 full-time research fellows at the ST Yau Center, including 6 postdoctoral fellows and 4 research assistants.
      The main research areas for the ST Yau Center are

(1) 3-D Imaging Group, led by Professor Wen-wei Lin in Applied Mathematics Department
(2) Medical Imaging Group, led by Dean Hong Xing Lu at College of Science
(3) Number Theory Group, led by Professor Yi Fang Yang in Applied Mathematics Department
(4) String Group, led by Professor Jen-chi Lee in Electrophysics Department
(5) Computational Complexity Group, led by Prof. Ker-I Ko in Computer Science Department


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