Team Members

Professor Henry Horng-Shing Lu
• Statistics.
• Bio-medical image analysis.
• Bioinformatics.

Wei-Fang Niu Postdoctoral
• Computational statistics and data analysis.
• Financial time series with application to financial engineering.
• Network data analysis and modeling.

Hung-Hui Juan Postdoctoral
• Image segmentation, image matting, and biomedical image processing.
• Network community analysis and its application to image segmentation.
• Stochastic blockmodel and network clustering.
• Wireless radio resource management.

Chien-Chang Chen Postdoctoral
• Theoretical methods of multiple-domain energy coupling and transduction, device design, and system optimization in
interdisciplinary applications.
• Engineering & Science modeling and the associated predictions of physical behaviors of systems.
• BioMEMS and electromagnetic-thermal coupled biomedical engineering.

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